Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Assumption

George Hrab goes on the grid with The Assumption, his tune originally recorded at Be Sharp Studio on the album Interrobang. The video was filmed and edited completely by George at Sheer Brick Studio. The only thing I did for this video was lend him my glasses for the center frame. The kid's got that creative mojo, that's for sure. I can't imagine what he'd do if we actually had a budget.

Addendum: Since this video was posted, both the estimable Evo Terra and the scary smart Bad Astronomer have laid down the link info, resulting in scads of hits from their many fans. Thanks and thanks again, gents, for being such great friends of the Geologic Universe.


The musishian said...

Hee! Neat tidbit about your glasses.

The video totally needs a directors track commentary. Perhaps that would be too meta.

Anyone else getting a Brady Bunch vibe off of this? Love it.

Anonymous said...

Geo the Brainiac. Kid's got talent!

Michelle said...

This was really fun to watch and listen to. You're glasses were the highlight ;)

The Bad Astronomer said...

Love this vid! That's why I blogged about it. :-)

Brickgrrl said...


Oh, and did you ever blog it. Geo and I saw a bit earlier today that we have close to 2,000 hits on the video, thanks in large part to you! Dare I say, an astronomical amount of hits?

Thanks for being such an awesome friend of the Geologic Universe.