Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Testing a new gig

I've taken a few days to get into the groove of a new gig. Oh- I still run my studio, but now it's like Sheer Brick After Dark. My recent day gig as an art director for a hybrid agency/printing company is all-consuming. And by that I mean, they want me to work a miracle. They believe I can do this, but we have to ask ourselves if the job can provide the funds I need to keep me in enough Advil.

There will be new entries. Trust me. Aside from the stories that have gone untold, this place alone is ripe with material. I mean, the shop is full of characters- good people- but caricatures so delineated, we're talking seventies sitcoms here.

I'll return soon, but for now I have to go [politely] kick some ass.

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