Saturday, February 2, 2008

Things I’ve learned...

from my partner in crime, Kerry:
Sophistication and the ability to shake one's cakes are not mutually exclusive. The beautiful female Rush fan, the holy grail of prog geekboys everywhere, is not an urban myth. Also, having the right wingwoman and a good dog are essential to a gal's life.
from Uki:
A roll of wax paper can last up to, and possibly more than, ten years. Also, decorating, shopping, and good grooming are not solely the female gender's milieu. Nor the gay community's, for that matter. Also, it's possible, in the aftermath of many years, to repurpose and become the closest of friends.
from the irrepressible Slau:
It's possible for a sight-challenged person—or blind, if you're cool with that word—to authoritatively hail a cab solo in the East Village. [Of course, there might only be a few people on the planet capable of that, Slau being one.] Real courage is getting up every day, doing your gig, and loving every minute of life no matter what's served up.
from Audrey:
Loyalty is priceless. As is knowing the front of house at a good bistro.
from the Rogue Chef:
There's more to life than work, namely, street luge, power kiting, and good local beer. Also, transcendent cooking doesn't require some fancy-pants degree.
from Peter:
Throwing pebbles at a window can be done with style. Also, there are just some people who intuitively bring out your best.
from Danielle:
Steak tartare is an excellent thing. So is Pimm's. Also, most things are best when done naked, and sex for its own sake is not solely the male gender's milieu. Pensées?
from Alicia:
You can rock it old skool with the baddest cats and still be a real woman in every way.
from El:
Honest elucidation is best.
from the Philadelphia Funk Authority:
What is hip. Thanks, you magnificent bastards.
from Glen:
That whole thing about feeling you've known someone a long time even though you've only just met them? Yeah. It's true, yo.
from Lavely:
The most interesting people are three parts candor and one part unintentional enigma. As it should be.
from my client short list:
Greatness trascends account reach. Also, patience [yours] is a virtue I hope someday to attain.
from Evo, Illig, TapwaterJ, FrenchTwist, CarrieP, JBeadin1, Marielaem, Darque, Shitao, Caravia, KingBoy, RagingTexan, and Advaita25:
It's possible to find the most incredible people in the oddest places. You know who you are, and I thank my lucky stars that I do, too.
from Gwen:
Real chutzpah, brains, and élan means knowing when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em. Also, it's possible to look phenomenal on a bicycle. And, that real writers are hella sexy.
from Doctor Art:
There's no need to take revenge. Karma will do it for you every time. Right, you pretentious motherfucker?
from the Land Barons:
Real cowboys live among us and aren't always who you imagine them to be. Genuine wealth is generosity of spirit. Well, that and radiant-heat floors. Also, dogs belong on leather sofas.
from Adele and Jim and Colleen and Cathi:
Old punks never die; they just become wildly successful beings. A real mohawk is a state of mind.
from Loren of 1938 Media:
It's possible to broadcast technical perspectives from the bath—with beautiful company—and still sound intimidatingly smart. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a dope.
from Font Boy:
Obviously, that it's not sick to love a typeface. Nor is it a bad thing to own the world's largest music collection. And catalogue it.
from Constance:
A true artist never loses her diginity, even while drawing cartoon cows.
from Dana:
A good therapist listens to you. A great therapist talks with you. An extraordinary therapist gives fuck-all about convention and tells you what she thinks.
from Eddie Izzard:
Choose cake.
from Nick, the erstwhile Commissioner:
Being an attorney doesn't mean you have to lose your heart or humanity. Also, dogs know how to sort it all out.
from Betsy No.1:
The word "myriad" needs no article preceding it. Also, life is much more worth living with dogs.
from Betsy No.2:
The busiest person can make time to make art.
from Tavy:
Good grammar is not a necessary evil. It's just necessary.
from the Ecologist:
Grief is surmountable. And with any luck, time wounds all heels.
from the queen of glassine, Alyson:
A small act well-wrapped is a thing of unsurpassed beauty and even the person who heads the fromage department at your local super grocery will appreciate a handmade envelope. Also, the alphagram is a powerful means of expression.
from Julia Sweeney:
She knows what. And you might, too.
from Arlene:
Ex-pats know more about what's happening here than most of the American population.
from Livia:
Personal and professional observations can co-exist publicly when done with finesse.
from Aimee Mann, Elvis Costello, Gustavo Santolalla, Radiohead, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Gene Bertocini, Einstürzende Neubauten, Linkin Park, and Erik Satie:
Music truly mends a broken heart.
from Uncle David:
Vampires are people, too.
from Aunt Theresa:
Purple can be a very lovely theme. Also, what your mother doesn't know, won't hurt her.
from Aunt Anna and Uncle Joe:
Humor is indeed the best elixir. Especially when served ultra dry.
from my grandfather, Vincent aka Jim [go figure]:
There's a correct way to handle and shoot a gun and there's an enormous difference between shooting a pistol and a rifle. Also, that I am a respectably good shooter. And cherry vanilla ice cream at 2 a.m. is one of the joys of life.
from my grandmother, Millie:
You'll always remember the person who let you rummage through the hope chests and play dress-up. Also, what your mother doesn't know, won't hurt her.
from my grandfather, Tom:
A cantankerous individual is likely to have a marshmallow heart.
from my grandmother, Mamie:
Pepper applied liberally to a salad can be a good thing. Also, silly off-color jokes are essential.
from my cousin Regina:
Never trust a man who wears white shoes.
from my sister, The Pup:
You can get away with saying and doing the most outrageous things if you're adorable.
from my sister, Melissa:
Shoes. Just that. Simply, shoes. If you don't understand this, you never will. Also, there is beauty in organization. And, dogs can be trained to sit for photographs and like it.
from my sister, Li:
A broken kazoo can trigger a lifetime of serious sisterly bonding. Also, never ever trust a man who doesn't like popcorn.
from my Mother:
You have to be on your best behavior all the time; you never know who you're going to run into. Also, it's possible to clean one's home so diligently that your company can eat off the floors, but of course, one would never serve dinner like that, would one. And, books are some of the most wonderful things in life.
from my Father:
You only have a few real best friends in your life and you're lucky if you have one. ["And your mother is mine."] Also, "snap out of it" is a very handy tool to use when you want someone to, well, snap out of it. Never take shit from anyone. See also "catankerous" statement.
from the brightest star in the night sky, my Oscar:
There is nothing on this planet that compares to the love of a good dog.


Cathi said...

A fucking lovely window into your soul (as it were) right backatcha GF.

Colleen said...

as always, ever so well said. I'm gonna steal this idea and do it myself. because, it's fantastic. as are you.

arlene said...

mugsy, you're a piece of work! don't you think it's time to get a 'real' boxer back in your life? there's one out there that really needs what you've got to give...we all do. love ya. xxxxxxxx

The musishian said...

This was eloquent and profound. You are very wise.

FontBoy said...

Font Boy is humbled to be in such esteemed company. I'm glad the music didn't cut you off before I was mentioned.


Stop the overuse of Trajan NOW!

Anonymous said...

"The beautiful female Rush fan, the holy grail of prog geekboys everywhere, is not an urban myth."

It better not be -- I'm married to one. (w00t!)

Lovely post, though. :-)

gwen said...

Beautifully done. An exercise we should all undertake. I'm sure I'm going to come back and re-read this many times.

Stay metal, sweetpea.

kligmond said...

What an honor just to make your list.

My lesson from you: Stumble some. Tweet some. Stay sharp. Keep assimilating. And make more lists. :)

Great read, thanks, D.