Sunday, July 11, 2010

Things that happened this week

I'm typing this on a Sunday, slightly incredulous that so much happened this week, especially some significant moments. Some of it seems like weeks ago—kind of like I was living in compressed time.

First of all, Trebuchet has been charting consistently at CD Baby and for WEEKS has been on their front page for their Top Sellers list. In fact, I did a little stalking searching on their site and found that a number of the Maestro's albums are featured on their genre and "mood" pages. For example, in Funk Rock, three of his albums are at the top of that list: Trebuchet, Coelacanth and Interrobang. We love the Baby! And we love you fans most of all. Thanks so much!

Rock on!
[You can click any of these images to embiggen, a term I appropriated from Dr. Plait.]

Speaking of Geo, he was a Guest Rogue on show 260 of Skeptics' Guide to the Universe. The show was recorded about a week prior to this post but uploaded while the SGU gang was at TAM8 this weekend. It was offered in their feed today and it is chock full of awesomeness and SCIENCE. If you're not already a devoted fan of SGU, perhaps you might consider checking them out. They are indeed one of the 900-pound gorillas in the skepti-sphere and we love them a bunch. The work that they do and the panache with which they do it continue to inspire us.

As for the conference—damn! TAM8 and I couldn't go. Oh well, maybe next year, y'all. For the time being, I'm making my plans for Dragon*Con. Yes!

The highlight of my work this week was the Dark Ă˜verlord Media deadline for THE STARTER by Scott Sigler. On Tuesday the 6th, I uploaded the final files to the publisher for the interior book design. I'm profoundly honored to work with Scott and A Kovacs and fortunate to have the mentorship of Glen Edelstein who was one of the creative directors at Random House for a skabillion years and now is my secret weapon and book design ninja. As for Scott and A, while I was working on THE STARTER, they were involved in a leg of the ANCESTOR book tour and there was never a single moment when they didn't make themselves accessible to my endless questions via email, text and phone. Go Krakens!

While working, I make endless pre-flight scribbles. That sheaf of paper is a fraction of the original manuscript. [HEY! I see what you're up to. Clickety-click to enlarge but it won't tell you much more about THE STARTER.]

While working, I make endless pre-flight scribbles AND non-sequitur notes just because that's the closest available note paper. Honestly, I have no idea what this was about. That's how crazed I was.

And when I was through with that deadline, I had a case of serious work hangover so things like this became essential for decompression. It's very silly and very sweet. [If you think the video is about the baby, you didn't watch it. Watch it!]

A favorite distraction blog to visit lately has been vovchachow. Geo's sister, Lesia, is a cook at a Ukrainian camp for kids, a camp they attended when they were growing up. She started the blog at Geo's suggestion—she's a top-shelf raconteur and I wish she had more outlet for writing. It must be quite the slog, working in that kitchen, but Lesia makes the journal re-telling pretty hilarious. My Ukrainian is rudimentary at best. Although she sprinkles Uke words throughout her posts, it doesn't matter that I don't know the vocabulary. It only adds to the flavor. This should be a screenplay. Check it out.

For fun, mid-week I documented a training session with the Bethlehem Mounted Patrol Unit at Burnside Plantation. They train frequently but I thought this might be an interesting session to shoot. They were going to review some obstacle and desensitization exercises but they were also going to kick it up a notch and involve gunfire this time. Recently they had detonated firecrackers with great success so this was a logical step. They started the exercise with the ponies at a distance and fired sim rounds into the woods. Of course, they employed all necessary safety measures. They brought the horses closer and closer to the officer firing the gun. [FYI: a Glock 17, the model they use on the job, outfitted to deliver paintball cartridges.] Since George seemed to be the least fazed by the gunfire, Officer Michael Leaser actually shot a round from atop the horse. George didn't even flinch. Quite astounding. After this exercise, there was more training in the turnout with obstacles. They're getting ready for the Blueberry Festival at Burnside and want to give the attendees a demonstration. One of my favorite moments was Pharaoh's head being covered by a raincoat. He really could not have cared less. Given the way he loves to nap, he might have thought it as just time for lights out.

Officer Michael Leaser with George at Burnside.

Pharaoh and the raincoat.

As the week progressed, plans started to come together for an evening in Manhattan next week. Magically, a package from FedEx appeared. [And NO, they're not off my hate list just yet. FedYech, that is.] You're looking at a signed copy of original Squeeze vinyl—on the original shrink wrap—from their 1981 release. It was a wildly generous gift from my friend, the amazing Mean Guy. The autographs are from Chris Difford and Glenn Tilbrook. I'll give you a moment to absorb that. And yes, the album has been given a place of honor in the studio. The only way this could get any better will be actually attending the concert.

A prized possession, joining the ranks of the Sheer Brick Hall of Fame, including an autograph from Bill Bruford, an autographed copy of Death from the Skies, and Hoops and Yoyo characters signed on their bums.

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