Thursday, July 8, 2010

I am a camera

[ click and crank it ]

Here's one for all you shooters out there. A little stalker-y but, hey, it has the word "camera" in it and who doesn't dig that?

If you haven't listened, thinking it's The Buggles tune by the same name, fear not. Entirely different thing. Go ahead, listen.

Sounds kind of nineties, but it's actually from 2004. I stumbled across this tune today and got a huge kick out of it. It's from The Golden Virgins, a UK quartet. They were only around for a few years and disbanded in 2006. The tune is from their one album Songs of Praise.

Rather throwaway but it's got a nice gritty wall of guitar. Combine it with a summer evening and a couple of cold ones and you'll start flashing back to all the nights you wasted in Hoboken.


Alpine Absinthe said...

Ooo, I like. Thanks!

Brickgrrl said...

You are very welcome!