Saturday, July 3, 2010

Catapulting onto the charts...

In an automatic email from their warehouse, CD Baby asked that we send a skabillion more CDs for Trebuchet. After some conversation with the Maestro, I called CD Baby to inquire if that request was for real. “Oh yes,” the young man said, “That's for real!”

Later that day, Geo stopped in the studio and said, “Check this out.” And he brought up CD Baby on the screen. There on the front page as the featured Top Album was Trebuchet. I was so jazzed, I didn't have the presence of mind to take a screenshot. However, I did get a shot of the Top Albums list.

And then I realized that it had made the Staff Picks, too!

Here are the screenshots of what I saw. [You can click the images to embiggen.]

Pretty damn cool.

If you're a fan of Hrab's music and haven't purchased the album yet, you might be interested to know that the Golden Ticket is still floating around out there. That means that the person who receives a Trebuchet CD with the Ticket inside is entitled to their own George Hrab show—and the Maestro will travel to their location and perform a living room concert for them.

Many MANY thanks to all the people who purchased the physical album, as well as the digital downloads, both at CD Baby and all the other digital distribution sites.

You rock the Geologic Universe!

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This, just in!
And now my collection of Trebuchet screenshots is complete.
With thanks to my super-amazing friend, Mean Guy.


Frank said...

That's so freakin' awesome. I LOVE the album (bought mine on YouTube...will have to buy a physical copy so I can have a chance at the Golden Ticket. How wonderful.)

Congrats to The Maestro.

David P. said...

Congratulations. I saw Trebuchet on the front page of CDBaby with my own eyes.

CDBaby has been overwhelmed with orders. I ordered the first day the CD was available, and they just shipped it yesterday. Thank goodness for the podcast copies, or else I'd be going crazy.