Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My new message going forward...

So thanks to all the insanity with FedEx over the Trebuchet delivery-to-CD Baby debacle ... and then the Hotel Palomar in Dallas conveniently forgetting that they don't have courier service on a Saturday, meaning that my receipt of a batch of edits for THE STARTER was delayed ... and then an entire evening of shoddy Verizon service and waiting on the phone FOR AN ENTIRE HOUR to have “John” in Bangalore finally clue me in about a server problem ... you might say that Mommy Sheerest™ has not been very happy.

Last year, that major dude, my good friend Tony Delgrosso, sent me what he thinks I should consider as my new branding direction.

I didn't take advantage of his expert opinion then, but now it certainly seems like timely PR advice.

Thanks to the fabulous Sheila Dee for providing the photo from
her set of Balticon 43 images.

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GaryTheGreat said...

I'm waiting for you to hop on a horse, with a long sword, and go medieval. But if you can resist the urge, i would suggest finding something to take out your aggression on, all that stress can't be good.