Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The winter barn, briefly

The horses of Bethlehem's Mounted Patrol Unit have been wintering in Coopersburg at Stone Field Stables. Don't let that link fool you. These are great digs for an equine sabbatical. I can't quite call it a vacation since the horses have been training with their law enforcement partners all winter, mostly in the spacious indoor ring.

I visited the stables today and will stop by again before they head back to Burnside Plantation. I want to take a handful of pictures to document their stay. Hopefully then I'll be able to catch Officers Leaser, Buskirk and Brooks and their horses working with Jan, their trainer, in the outdoor turnout.

With my studio back in fulltime operation—which is a story for another day—I've re-committed to promoting the Mounted Patrol Unit. I'll have more to tell you about the patrol, the horses and their links online. Plus lots of pictures.

And I'm certainly looking forward to seeing them again on the streets of Historic Bethlehem this spring!

Pictured: Raven.


Pip said...

I love horses, I love men in uniforms... so please... SHARE!

Diane said...

I wish I could have gone along and taken photos of the horses....