Thursday, January 3, 2008

An outing with Julia Allison

There's a line you just don't cross in conversation. You know what I mean. You can actually feel where you should stop, depending on the topic at hand. Apparently Julia Allison has no boundaries; she publicly divulged some very personal information about someone who was close to her. Clearly, this is wrong, but it's even more wicked because she's been so casually cruel.

Her candy pink site of self-serving, cloying screenshots and relentless self promotion [promoting exactly what we have to ask] is enough to make you gag. But hey- whatever. I've got nothing against the color pink or self-portraits. The really horrifying thing is how she's treated her ex-guy in the media and the way she continues to manipulate the situation to her benefit.

Want to know more? You can go to Gawker for the live-blogging story. Catch Loren Feldman's take on why she's ugly inside and out. And then read the coup de grĂ¢ce that's handed out by Anthony. Yeah- we all have that slip of the tongue we're remorseful about, but now that I know her gaffe wasn't a momentary mistake, I cut her no slack. Her sugary sweet public apology means nothing now. In fact, the truth renders her even more arrogant in her self-centeredness.

My tiny contribution to the world of commentary doesn't amount to a hill of chick peas, but I do hope that when Miss Allison does her next Technorati search, I'm one of a ton of entries citing her for bad behavior.

Julia- I've got one word for you: karma.


The musishian said...

Had not heard of this person (I've never had my finger on the pulse of popular culture), so I hopped over to her blog.

OK, I get the desire to innovate with language, and how the Internet contributes to that process. I even, grudgingly, accept the linguistic abomination that is "Ginormous."

But Ms. Allison using a phrase like "Way funner?" Sorry. Gotta draw the line there.

Brickgrrl said...

I can't even giggle about that stupidity. She's a monster. If you can't listen to Loren's vid post because you're at work, then read Anthony. As I said at Loren's site, perhaps she'll die alone.

the sobsister said...

the sort of turd who breaks the surface of the media punch bowl on an all-too-regular basis.

I had to look her up, then regretted the irretrievable loss of fifteen seconds of my life.

on the one hand, one wants the blogosphere to land on her like a ton of chipped bricks. on the other hand, she doubtless feeds vampirically on the hits her site will receive as a result.

the fact that she can blog endless photos of herself with insightful observations like "I felt young and alive" speaks more volumes than I'm willing to read about this blip.

Happy New Year, btw.

Brickgrrl said...

I whole-heartedly agree on all points, sister, and wish you happy new year as well. Thanks for that delicious commentary.