Monday, January 14, 2008


isn't the same number it was when I was 28.

Today feels a bit more landmark than the decade birthdays. I tend to think that phases in life happen in groups of years. The last quarter of the past year presented some serious closure. Ends, being beginnings, have at least handed me a clean slate. But now... what to do? And how? That's my predominant concern.

For the moment, though, I'm taking stock of life, ignoring its random cruelty and focusing on the positive, which, if I'm honest, is considerable.

In particular, today I'm keeping an awareness of how many great things have come from meeting and communicating with you people. The list is considerable and my thanks are even larger. You know who you are. Yes- you!

You've given me such a sense of community and, as much as an online experience can give, a feeling of cohesion and fraternity.I love you a bunch.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go find that perfect ice-cold martini with my name on it.

Cheers, dears!

WLVR in 1988


For a number of years, I programmed the Friday night alternative music slot from 9 to midnight on WLVR 91.3FM. This was at Lehigh University's station which we, the community staff–a motley crew of arrogant, highly informed, dysfunctional elitists–ran during student vacations. The overnight guy took this photo. [The shot is so old there is masking tape on it that can't be removed.] When he'd arrive at minutes before 12, I'd be ready to jet out the door to some questionable venue for the rest of the evening. [Yes, those are fishnets.]

Good times.


Anonymous said...

Girl, you are hotter than ever. Happy Birthday!
xoxo, Carie

The musishian said...

Ok, I've been holding off asking this question for weeks now, but I can't hold off any longer: What, for you, is the perfect martini?

The musishian said...

Also: Happy Birthday!

Tavy said...

Totally bodacious, then and now! Happy birthday!