Friday, December 28, 2007

It can’t be helped.

  —  The smell of butane can be rather pleasant.

  —  It's been a smoke-free nine years,
        but I'm playing the ten-year breakup card.

  —  A perfect martini and a cigarette- now that's just good adult fun.

  —  My neighbors smoke. It's a vote for camaraderie.
        Lucky for me they're menthol people. And I'm not.


The musishian said...

Can't say I approve, but I understand. We all have our vices. Also, makes you look sexy as hell.

You have seen the Slate slideshow?


Brickgrrl said...

Oh you- thanks.

And thanks, too, for the Slate tip. Very enjoyable. So that's why Eastwood scowled so much- he hated the cigarillos!