Saturday, December 29, 2007

Bringing home the bacn

This just in: no more hunting around far-flung public radio stations to find this favorite. Thanks for the memories, Public Radio Fan. You've been a great help in finding this show all over the country- and sometimes the listed station would actually have the show run as scheduled. and sometimes I could even score a decent stream. You see, I never seemed to hit it right, being at my radio when this show was carried by my local NPR stations.

Today, I received the weekly email from iTunes that I usually just delete. The subject line Podcast Spotlight: Best of 2007 caught my eye. I lifted my chin and politely harrumphed about what they thought was noteworthy. Hold the phone! I'm the last to know that some NPR favorites are now podcasts!

Yes, it's all very great that Fresh Air is now a podcast and I adore Terry Gross and her verbal cleavage and inimitable interview expertise... but her show streams from the NPR site. And yes- I did subscribe.

But it's the Selected Shorts hour that made my day. This is an award-winning series of short fiction read by stars- cool stars, that is- and recorded at Symphony Space in Manhattan. It has a 20-year history of excellence.

And, listen- now it's aggregated.

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