Saturday, November 3, 2007

Saturday the Rabbi searched Borders

Nine o'clock this morning I walked into a Barnes & Noble, eager to look for The Rabbi's Daughter.

From the page—
In this honest, daring, and compulsively readable memoir, Reva Mann paints a portrait of herself as a young woman on the edge—of either revelation or self-destruction. Ricocheting between extremes of rebellion and piety, she is on a difficult but life-changing journey to inner truth.

After a cursory look at the front displays in this unfamiliar store: no dice. I left.

Now I was on a mission. I crossed the Valley to go to Borders, a familiar store, hopefully see the book on the shelves and score a hot beverage. A search online told me that at this particular location, the book was "likely" in stock. Likely?

I worried that if I found the book on one of the front tables, I would grab bystanders and force them to look at the book interior. I wouldn't be able to restrain myself from kvelling.

It took the entirety of a coffee to search all logical shelves. Unsuccessful, I relented and used the in-store search apparatus they call a computer and it reported the book was "likely" in the store. Again with the likely. I finally FINALLY located the book. In the Jewish Studies Section. Buried in the back of the store, right near the atheist literature, which will tell you just how buried this was.

I gave a little yelp when I saw it. My book! Well, Reva Mann's book. But you know what I mean. The book was on a shelf that was shin-level. I immediately re-arranged the shelf so that you could see the complete book cover for one Rabbi's Daughter.

Of course- no one was bystanding around. Because- Jewish Studies section. On a Saturday.



gwen said...

Oh, too funny.

So, could you announce the typeface, please? For all us font dorks out here?

Brickgrrl said...

Font dorks are the best!

By the way- since I didn't design the cover, I don't know what the typography is, but I do think it's really lovely.

Also- the link I gave for the book is at the Random House site where there is a cool interface to view the interior.

The family used for display and chapter titles and epigraphs is Vendetta from Emigre. The body of the book is set in Sabon.

Thank you for asking!