Monday, November 5, 2007

Possession is 9/10ths of the law

You have appropriated the following:
  - coffeehouses
  - foreign cigarettes
  - hailstorms
  - New Paltz
  - cherry zero
  - Amy Winehouse
  - joy
  - Atlanta
  - Yes
  - yes
  - the Shawangunks
  - groove
  - sunflowers
  - the color blue
  - the phone [strangely enough]
  - holding hands
  - balconies
  - chocolate
  - Boston as a line item
  - Alexander Calder
  - the Weight of Words
  - arcane orthodontic systems
  - September
  - Connect Four
  - Captain Picard
  - the whole of Star Trek: The Next Generation, for that matter
  - the New York Thruway
  - acoustic guitar
  - email
  - the Confetti Cafe
  - lederhosen
  - Michael Clayton
  - sapphires
  - the moon

Please return:
  - Amy Winehouse
  - the color blue
  - balconies
  - the Weight of Words: 3, 6, 8 and 11
  - email
  - the moon
   [though I doubt you will]

I don't really care about the rest.


gwen said...

Oh, dear. This is very funny, and also not. I think everyone has a version of this list, but usually it just clunks around in one's head, tripping us up when we're trying to enjoy our quotidian rounds. To actually itemize, publish it, and make it funny seems very cathartic. Hurrah for you, honey.

Hmm, is that a reference to the nine parts of desire?

cupcake said...


Brickgrrl said...

Yes. Lederhosen. Have a look.

Mae said...

You don't know me (yet) but i have particularly strong feelings about what you are going through, since i was there that weekend (labor day weekend.) *hug* i wish i could hug you for real. best i can do is follow you on twitter. so i am.