Sunday, October 7, 2007

A conversation

Me: Mom, I thought you'd want to know that I am going out tonight.

Ros: That's so nice, dear! Finally!

Me: I'm going out with the lesbians.

Ros: What?! I thought you said you had a date.

Me: No- I said I'm going out tonight. Dina and Gail are good friends of mine and I haven't seen them in a while.

Ros: Tell me you're not going that way.

Me: Mom, c'mon.

Ros: No- the correct response is "Of course not, Mother!" Then again, whatever makes you happy... So, are Dina and Gail a couple?

Me: Oh yes- they are. Very much so.

Ros: Now, dear, don't get between them. Be careful.

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Gwen said...

Your mother's name is Rosencrantz? That's so cool. Does she flip coins much?