Saturday, June 30, 2007

A legacy of cousins

While doing some research, I discovered that Oscar and Booker T are related through the Heldenbrand dynasty and share Jet Breaker as a paternal grandfather. CH Rosend's Booker T, SOM/CGC/TT was an amazing and deeply-loved boy who belonged to Christina Ghimenti of Pawprint Boxers. You can see Booker T's line here. I've long admired Christina's ethics, high standards and devotion to the breed. I mourn Booker T's passing, but I'm happy that Christina has acquired more boxers to nurture and show.


Christina Ghimenti said...

Awww Booker T gets an honorable mention. Thank you. He was my heart dog and my baby boy. Much as your Oscar, he will always live in my heart. Booker T is behind a huge amount of today's Champions and of course behind alot of good feelings about this breed. I simply was the woman to hold his lead and give him hugs :)

Christina Ghimenti
PawPrint Boxers

gwen said...

Golly. I found my dog on the sidewalk, and she'd lost most of the fur on her bum.

But if I were to reverse-engineer her lineage, I'd say it would contain Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Lady Diana, and Vito Corleone. What can I say? My dog rocked.

I like to think that Chelsea and Oscar are frolicking together right now, in an immense green field with lots of dandelions and bunny rabbits.