Saturday, June 30, 2007

Triwin’s As Good As It Gets
21 June 1998

That's when Oscar was born.
[Whelped? Whelped is the right term. That sounds painful.]
His dad was CH Triwin's Crusader. His mom was Candy Striper.
On this past June 21st, when Oscar would have been nine, I decided to revel in the memories and celebrate his life with us. I tried to make this day more sweet than bitter.

As unpretentious as he was beautiful, Oscar came from noble stock.
Reaching back through four generations, Oscar's AKC lineage includes 12 champions.
In addition to his father who was nicknamed Pele:
CD Heldenbrand’s Jet Breaker
CH Heldenbrand’s Heart Breaker
CH Herndon’s And All That Jazz
CH Rochil’s Grande Marshall
CH Heldenbrand’s Jedi Knight
CH Wheatland’s Gem V Heldenbrand
CH Heldenbrand’s Kansas Twister
CH Herndon’s Pure Magic
CH Herndon’s Desert Doll
CH Apple Valley’s Buckingham
CH Har-vel’s Gold Express
CH Rochil’s Kallista of Marburl.

Oscar's paternal grandfather, CH Heldenbrand's Jet Breaker SOM/LOM* and Best of Breed at the 1990 American Boxer Club was described as:
...correct Boxer type, beautifully balanced a most breath-taking Boxer to say the least, skull and foreface in balance, correct shoulder placement, short back, a well muscled body that is tightly knit with a skin that covers this body as if it were fitted by the best Italian tailor, no excessive wrinkles in the face or neck or across the shoulders. A Boxer with great animation and character.
(*Sire of Merit/League of Merit)

~ CH Heldenbrand's Jet Breaker in 1990~

The breeder decided at Oscar's six-month mark that he was too calm and too husky. Her self-imposed loss was our unbelievable gain.

~ Triwin’s As Good As It Gets ~
aka Oscar circa 1991

Son of champions.
Ambassadog to children.
Favored canine citizen to Bethlehem.
Oscar to us.
The Most Dog.
Forever in our hearts.

©Sheer Brick Studio/Chris Friedenberg

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gwen said...

'Too calm' for what exactly? I'll never understand how breeders think; I don't even want to.

Oscar was obviously exactly who he was supposed to be.