Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Cor blimey!

Where the hell have I been?

I've made a list of topics and checked it about 14 times. As soon as I get two minutes to rub together, I've got tons to tell you. And this includes the Songs That Make You Verklempt.

I'm back and I'm working on it all.

Cheers, dears!


KH said...

Welcome back! Sometimes we need to take time away from self to delve into family; then make a list and get back on it. As my dad is wont to say, "You have family? You have a roof over your head? You have your health? What else do you need?"

He's not a creative person - who also needs beauty in words and images - but he's got a point.

Anyway, courage to you. I'm looking forward to those songs.


alicia said...

...So eagerly awaiting the Songs That Shall Make Us Verklempt!

Rummy said...

I want to hear the songs too!