Sunday, December 21, 2008

A conversation on the way to a party

Kerry and I are on our way to a holiday party at the home of our erstwhile veterinarian. He lives out in the sticks. I told Kerry I'd have directions. Clearly, I am a terrible wingwoman.

Kerry: Alright, we're on 191. Now where do we turn?

Me: Ummm... There a restaurant that will be on our left. I can't remember the name but it begins with a C. Candlelight?

Kerry: Dee, you know that's not it. The Candlelight is on the other side of town.

Me: Oh, right, right. What was I thinking?

Kerry: I know where you mean; I just can't remember the name of the restaurant.

Me: The only thing I can remember about the place is that years and years ago I had a pretty mediocre Lobster Newberg there. That's not even something I'd order anymore.

Kerry: That's it! The Newberg Inn!

Me: Oh, for pete's sake.

[driving, driving...]

Kerry: Okay, here we are. [makes left and the terrain becomes more rural]

Me: Now we have to make a right on some woodsy kind of road.

Kerry: I have no idea where I am. How far is the next turn?

Me: It's dark.

Kerry: How on earth is that any kind of answer?

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sadock said...

Any anecdote that can make me laugh is well worth telling. Thanks for sharing. Even though it's hard to believe that you'd be quite that clueless ;)