Saturday, October 25, 2008

Conservatives for change

Thoughts from registered Republicans and Independents.

This is a genuine, sincere and balanced offering. Please give this a few minutes of your time. In this incendiary and, at times, completely insane atmosphere ... whether or not you agree with their political views ... at the very least, this might make you feel a little better about your fellow Americans.


sparky said...

comparing sincerity with insanity?
the backward B indicates that she did it to herself in a mirror; ie, reversed image. auto-munchausen syndrome? a cover-up for the real reason for the black eye?

Brickgrrl said...

I'm not comparing the two. The media reports on so much of the bizarre and the fringe in our culture that it's encouraging and even noteworthy when thoughtful voices are heard.

And of course that pathetic creature did that to herself.

Anonymous said...

Interesting video, to say the least. Whatever happens, this is going to be a heck of another 4 years,