Sunday, June 1, 2008

91. The Great Hunt

I CANNOT tell you now;
When the wind’s drive and whirl
Blow me along no longer,
And the wind’s a whisper at last—
Maybe I’ll tell you then—
                        some other time.

When the rose’s flash to the sunset
Reels to the rack and the twist,
And the rose is a red bygone,
When the face I love is going
And the gate to the end shall clang,
And it’s no use to beckon or say, “So long”—
Maybe I’ll tell you then—
                        some other time.

I never knew any more beautiful than you:
I have hunted you under my thoughts,
I have broken down under the wind
And into the roses looking for you.
I shall never find any
                        greater than you.

—Carl Sandburg, Chicago Poems, 1916


sparky said...

and in the silence of a full moon
when my shadow's foot steps rustle the dry leaves of fall
i pretend it's you that follows me

Frank Roche said...

Wow, that's just a stunning passage. Thanks for bringing up Uncle Walt.