Friday, January 11, 2008

Rummy's first winter

Rummy is enjoying his first snowfall ever and his first Christmas in Pennsylvania. After what must have been a horrible stint at the track as is the case with greyhounds, he is now living the high life with the fabulous Alicia from Analog Velvet. Frankly, they're a perfect pair: blonde, beautiful, crazy smart, and sweet as honey. Except, he can't play bass like she can, and, consequently, won't be at the release concert of their new CD Boom at the Wildflower in Bethlehem on February 15th. [This guy will play drums that night.]

What? You don't know about Analog Velvet? Then pop over to iTunes and listen to some samples from their debut Tales from Podunk. That's Alicia singing. [Right now my favorite is Forgotten Road.] Hot damn hallelujah, indeed.

—Concert image courtesy of the supremely talented Diane Richter Photography


The musishian said...

What a stunning dog!

I am usually against dog coats on general principle, but 1. Greyhounds don't have a lot of body fat to keep them warm, 2. It's clearly cold and snowy where he's living and 3. He looks sooo cute!

Brickgrrl said...

And Alicia and Rummy make a stunning duo!