Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Lust for Air- revisited

The morning after.

Okay- I don't have complete remorse, but I have a cooler head, as mornings after go.

In the interim since I gushingly posted about the MB Air, I read some thoughts from Livia Iacolare. She's posted an entry entitled "It's thin" and it brings some real perspective. The thing is gorgeous, but is it going to work the way most of us need it to work when its features are so limited? [I must admit I'm a little red-faced and wondering if I'm really that shallow that such a pretty product turned my head and turned off my common sense. Moving on...]

Originally I read her response to a MacWorld review, where she added to the facts with some comments. She said that the "actual MB is much more powerful and costs much, much less" and suggested that what the Air has going for it are its show-off good looks. [I do want to add here she did say the conference was "impressive" and applauded the update for the iPhone and Apple TV.]

So, essentially, do you want to be glamorous, or do you want to be effective? Damnit, Livia, why do we have to make a choice?


Livia Iacolare said...

Great question at the end...

Well, I think I want to be effective because I don't need a Mac to be glamourous.

I love MacBook Pros because they are the best for video production (and I'm saving money to get one asap), I wouldn't know what to do with a flat laptop that doesn't have what I need in order to work.

CommonWombat said...

Oh my. Sal and I just found your slice of the blogosphere. Blogoslice?

As elegant as the MB Air looks to be, I just don't think we're ready to let go of the optical drive. I appreciate where apple is trying to steer us, and I think it's a worthy destination, but no optical drive is just a huge chunk of missing functionality. I really have a problem with the "Remote CD" idea. Are they telling me that in order to get full use of this computer I need ANOTHER computer?

I think this is a cool idea 4 years too soon. Come to think of it, that's what my mother said when I was born.

So sayeth a former student.

The musishian said...

Confession time: For a little while, when everyone was talking about wanting "Air," I thought it was some meta-joke I wasn't getting.

The musishian said...
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