Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Added to the lexicon

Senseless threedimensionalization and how Xerox lost its marbles is a cautionary tale of misguided branding.
[Says Under Consideration, by way of the brilliantly droll Ryan Freitas.]

Settebello literally means beautiful seven and in real parlance, it means lucky card as the seven of diamonds in the card game Scopa.
[Referenced in a poignant post by the insightful Livia Iacolare.]

Recrudescence as in: "These findings suggest that anthropogenic changes should not be underestimated in vectorborne disease recrudescence." I happen to think it sounds more at home describing an unreleased Squeeze tune, an oilwrestler's mojo, a post-mudfacial glow, or the act of repurposing shabby chic furniture. It's pretty much up for grabs. Have any other uses for it?
[Quoted originally by the good doctor, Cmar who knows lots of stuff.]

Pantitos is a much better word for underwear.
[So says the ever-lovely provocateuse Soccergirl.]

Leveraging epiphanies is the use of hard-won revelation as a positive exertion of force for change. This phrase goes right to the center of things. I hope- no, strike that- I know you're going to hear more on this topic.
[My personal favorite offered by Ed Illig who is as clever and compassionate as he is wise.]

Dope is such a handy word. Loren from 1938 Media uses it in myriad ways and has single-handedly reintroduced it to my vocabulary. Take it for a spin. You'll love it!


Livia Iacolare said...

Honored to appear in this list!


The musishian said...

Awesome post!

For anyone who is interested, while I was looking up what the heck "recrudescence" meant, I wound up translating the rest of the "Greek" in Dr Cmar's quote.

The quote says: human activities that change or influence a disease organism (anthropogenic changes) can be a pretty big factor in the reapperance of a disease after it's been not very prevalent (recrudescence) in the general population, specifically a disease that is transmitted to humans by another agent, such as an insect, animal, etc (vectorborne disease).

For example, if people in Africa do not use mosquito nets when sleeping, they will get more mosquito bites and therefore will have a higher chance of catching malaria from the mosquitos.


Cmaaarrr!!! said...


I'm fairly certain that was pig-Yiddish for "if people would just stop sticking their puds into their hoo-hahs and bung-hos, then they wouldn't the fuck get syphilis." Yes, that was it.

Yours, though, has a bit more class, so I'll go with that, then.

Brickgrrl said...

Livia- Grazie, bella. Mille grazie.

Musishian- I may have to relinquish my twitter moniker to you at this rate.

Doctor- We have to get you out of that syph ward and into something more relaxing like the trauma unit.