Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Some days it's like that

Me: Hello, this is Donna from Sheer Brick Studio.
May I speak with Roxanne?

Rep: Roxanne is no longer with this newspaper.

Me: Wow. Ok then. May I speak with Kristin?

Rep: Kristin's on the phone. Can she call you back?

Me: Sure.

Rep: And you are...

Me: Donna from Sheer Brick Studio.

Rep: Shipwreck Studio?


gwen said...

You may have just identified why Roxanne left.

Though personally, I sort of like Shipwreck Studio. Makes me think of Voltaire's 'life is a shipwreck but we must remember to sing in the lifeboats.'

But I guess it probably wouldn't attract clients. At least not the sort who would remember to pay you.

CommonWombat said...

You need to register right now or I'm stealing it out from under you.