Sunday, February 18, 2007

The conversational divide

What I don't want to talk about today:
- Britney's new do. [Seriously, girl, you are no Sinead.]
- The Libby trial
- It's not just the cold, it's the wind chill.
- Ripper's Pub on a long weekend. Don't get me started!

What I might discuss if you asked:
- The British guy who won a bid for a date with Anderson Cooper. Page Six understated for us that the Coop, "one of New York's most eligible men, appeals to both genders." Thank you. Oliver Hicks threw down $21,000 at a charity auction and is said to have bid aggressively. Once source said, "The invitation allows him to bring a companion, but I have a feeling he will go solo." As for Hicks, what a steal, considering the dollar in England right now.

- Daniel Radcliffe received a standing ovation. This might not seem noteworthy, exce
pt that Radcliffe is the Harry Potter star has turned 17 and now he's appearing in the [full frontal] Equus at the Gielgud Theatre. The question is, does he live in the last installment of the Rowlings' series?

- Why I dislike the Grammys but adore the Oscars.

- Top Design... feh! Bravo, you lost me at episode two and a half. I tried. I really tried. And now I feel used and cheap. How can you think that this is up to par? There can never be another Tim Gunn, but this show actually makes me long for Padma and Colicchio. How f'd up is that? See you later, decorator, indeed.

- Why George is in Sacramento. No, I don't have details yet!

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Paul Chislett said...

The whole Harry Potter phenonema is enought to finish off an actor's career before it gets started. Talk about being sterotyped. And yet, Daniel Radcliffe is doing the smart thing and breaking away from Hogwarts.

Still young enough to do it and rich enough not to give a.....hoot.

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