Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Red sky at morning

Christmas morning in Roseto.

I threw on a jacket and ran outside to document the incredible fiery sunrise over the woods in my parents' backyard. It was spectacular and fleeting, but at least I caught its last moments of glory.

When I went back inside, our houseful of family was still asleep, except, of course, for my mother. We stood in the kitchen waiting for the coffee to perc and my mother quietly said, "certainly worth getting up for." And then she smiled and quoted the weather lore verse "red sky at morning, sailors take warning." Fortunately, none of us had any plans to sail that day. Whether that's fact or fiction, what mattered was that it was a beautiful way to begin one of my favorite Christmases.

Christmas Morning
by Jon Coe

Eyes open, to the dawn

attention span, somewhat torn

Excitement, fills my heart

Christmas, is about to start

Pulling blankets, across my toes

electricity, atmospheric, glows

To the stairs, a bird in flight

soaring high, with much delight

The tree stands, in corner, bold

tinsel, lights, and all, behold

Presents, laying on the floor

lower branches, hiding more

Fire light, twinkling, magic room

smells of baking, chocolate, soon

Mom and Dad, are smiling wide

arm chairs, cats, and fire side

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Brian Gregory said...

Neat picture! Thanks to the kids I was up that early on christmas morning, but otherwise I have more sunset pictures than sunrises.