Saturday, May 8, 2010

A love letter

This morning, I had conversations with all three of my sisters. We haven't all been in the same room since Easter. We don't need to talk every day but I truly can't go very long without some sort of update, even if it's through The Ros.

So I called each of them and, I must admit, it was like a fix until I see them next weekend. It's interesting how we are as a group— incredibly close—and how we all have each other's back. And yet, we have our own entirely separate and distinct relationships with each other. And the age span is wide; the youngest is almost 20 years my junior. In fact, my Dad calls us the JV and varsity teams. It's fascinating, really. You probably have a similar dynamic. At least, I hope so. I can't imagine life without them. Whenever I'm around them, I always feel invincible.

It's also cool how different we are from each other and yet how perfectly parts of a sum. My parents did a lot right LONG before there were guidebooks on this sort of thing.

From left to right: Sarafina; Melissa; Lisa's son, Josh; yours truly; Lisa.

We're kind of like the white Sister Sledge. In fact, it's our theme song. YES- as goofy as it sounds, it's our tune. But you can borrow it.


betsy said...

SO wonderful to have sisters! I have none, so have decided to "adopt" you as my sister! Ok?

Brickgrrl said...

Absolutely, doll!