Saturday, May 15, 2010

A conversation

After just making it to all my errand stops before stores closed and having dealt with the snail's-pace Saturday night traffic [and by "dealt with" I mean "had to make some less-than-legal, zippy Cooper moves"], I walked down my street with all my bags. Two regulars were sitting outside the bar on the bench near my studio.

Guy: "Uh oh. Here comes trouble."

Me: "That's correct, sir."

Guy: "You don't look very happy."

Me: " In fact, I am in one of the crabbiest, worst fucking moods possible." [I'm not even sure that's correct grammar, that's how crabby I was.]

Guy: "Do you need a hug?"

Me: "You know... I think I do!"

[big bear hug]

Me: "Honestly, I really do feel better."

Guy: "Dude, sometimes you just have to hug it out."

Actually, the kooky thing is I did feel better. The guy was one of those big lugs who's kind of boisterous but has a good heart. He has no idea that thanks to his inadvertent [and rather amusing] kindness I could easily put up with the loudness outside for the rest of the evening.

Sometimes you do have to just hug it out.


Anonymous said...

I am a big lug. While I have not subjected hugging to scientific rigor, I have had many people thank me for my bear hugs.

Sometimes a little human contact can help us feel better about the world.

DrJen said...

A good hug is worth its weight in gold.

Alpine Absinthe said...

Hugs are nice. I like giving bear hugs.. And a couple have been able to painfully reciprocate. Mmmm, hugs.