Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The challenge of multi-tasking

I'm not only involved in the usual [and happily so] hectic life at both my studio and the Spark office, I'm planning a party for this coming Saturday night. As I move among my three floors of studio and home throughout the day, it's unusual if I'm not carrying something to place it elsewhere while on the phone with a client, a vendor, the condo association, an invitee, my family or one of my best friends who I am pressing into service again to listen to my list or to whom I am delegating another odd task.

If I accomplish all my goals today I will be less surprised than if I wake up tomorrow from a bender in a Vegas motel with a Turkish diplomat, a marriage certificate, a spangly pink jumpsuit, some vintage majolica, a yak and an empty oxygen tank.

Well, maybe except for the spangly pink jumpsuit. That is SO not me.

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