Thursday, January 1, 2009

L'histoire d'un épouvantail

The synopsis reads: "The End" raconte l'histoire d'un épouvantail
pris en flagrant délit de trahison envers ses congénères.

Which is to say, the short, entitled The End, tells the story of a scarecrow who betrayed his kind.

YEAR: 2005
DIRECTORS: Maxime Leduc, Martin Ruyant, Michel Samreth
SOUND: Arnaud Liefooghe, Jean-Baptiste Saint-Pol
RUNNING TIME: 6 min. 10 sec.

Some extra information can be found at Michel Samreth's site.

—A tip o' the beanie to my friend, the wired ninja artist, Shitao.


The musishian said...

Wow. At first, depressed, now uplifted. Thanks so much for sharing.

sparky said...

the magpie's reprieve

Counting crows
One for sorrow two for joy
Three for girls and four for boys
Five for silver six for gold and
Seven for a secret never to be told
There's a bird that nests inside you
Sleeping underneath your skin

Richard Drumm The Astronomy Bum said...

Thanks, Donna! That was great! I wish I had time to do work like that!
Richard Drumm The Astronomy Bum

sadock said...

Touched. In a most peculiar way. Thank You.