Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sara and the controversy

In which The Pup is confronted with a situation
and - in a series of five snaps - turns the tables.

Sara and the controversy | 1 | the ramp-up
Sara - aka "The Pup" - is the youngest of us four. And being the youngest, is usually embroiled in something or other. That's her guy, the patient Justone in the background.

* * *

Sara and the controversy | 2 | the issue stated
My mother pulls rank and reads it down for Sara. Justone might look bemused but I know he's likely got his hatches battened.

* * *

Sara and the controversy | 3 | the umbrage
Sara, of course, is shocked. Shocked and dismayed!
And firing the next salvo.

* * *

Sara and the controversy | 4 | the saucy retort
She turns her laser beam on Justone. My brother-in-law is in the other room, clearly pretending to ignore this. [He's been in the family a while and knows the gig.]

* * *

Sara and the controversy | 5 | the denouement
Whatever remained to be won looks like Sara scored it. [Nephew Joe: young enough to duck, old enough to know when.]


Frank said...

That is a family story, writ large. Fabulous.

sparky said...

poor justone; he'll never become an alpha-male around that pup

Anonymous said...

LOL !! Pictures do say a thousand words. Incredible !