Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Psychoanalysis and art

An excerpt—

I was in a conversation a few years ago with a friend, the painter Eric Fischl. We were comparing psychoanalysis with the making of art. I said, "Both require explorations of the subconscious, and in that way they are similar." He agreed, thought about it, then added, "But there is a fundamental difference between the two. In psychoanalysis, you retain a discovery; in art, once the thing is made, you let it go."

from Steve Martin's memoir
Born Standing Up: A Comic's Life

* * *

The New York Times described Martin's book as:
"smart, serious, heartfelt and confessional without being maudlin"

This is a pretty good summation, but there observations that are meaningful because they're universal and not just about life as a performer. This is the real beauty of the book.

His interview on Morning Edition on NPR.

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sparky said...

hmmm, that tricky thing of deciding how the conscious mind can observe the sub-c, and at what point, if at all, can/does the sub-c change it's identity and become the conscious. most, if not all of the time, in art and talk, i'd bet it's the conscious mind feigning depth