Saturday, July 26, 2008

Perspective 22: Life

From Brent Weichsel of The Underdevelopment Podcast, with his permission.

From my point of view on the timeline, Brent is a young person, obsessed with film and creativity and honesty of expression. He's a breath of fresh air in a hothouse of jaded voices. It's been an invigorating experience to talk with him and I look forward to seeing where he takes all of this.

What's immediately next is CUT- Creative Undertakings- a live edition of The Underdevelopment Podcast. I'm honored to be his guest on the show, along with Los Angeles actor/writer Tim Coyne of The Hollywood Podcast and the extraordinary Melinda from Of Variants and Subspecies. Brent's idea is to discuss creativity using a chosen topic or essay as a springboard. I'm looking forward to hearing what these fabulous people have to say, and hoping madly that I can string together a few viable phrases.


sparky said...

in & out, let's get crackin with the creationism theories

Brent Weichsel said...

I have no doubt that your going to string together more then few viable phrases. Thank you for this post!