Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Many like to think they're unique.
How many true originals do you know?

I'd like to hear what you have to say.


sparky said...

how many? approximately 1; +/- 1

we're a compilation of everything we've heard, read, seen, or been taught, and to put two or more of any of those things together and come up with something completely new is almost out of the realm of probability

Anonymous said...

I believe I am unique in a sense that I ALWAYS tend to take the road less traveled. I have often searched for people like myself: those who aren't slaves to what society thinks is cool and chic; people who actually THINK for themselves, and those who still have a sense of adventure even after the age of 30


CommonWombat said...

I really wanted to reply to this entirely with quotes, but it's far too late and I'm far too tired to wield irony effectively.

Tracy Lee said...

You are full of interesting questions today, aren't you? :)

I think that sparky is on the right track but pulled the wrong switch. We are a compilation of everything we are exposed to, but just as one mixes paint, those blends are never the same. Even if you were to give equal doses of stimuli, the way we process these inputs are totally unique to our perspective. Look at identical twins, their DNA may be as close as close can be and their stimuli in the formative years are also usually similar, yet each one grows into a unique individual.

That said, if you were to look at the broader picture, as unique as we all are as individuals, there are certain inherent needs that make us more alike than one who considers themselves to be individuals would like to think. At our basic core, we all have a desire to sustain life, we care about our young, we care about our basic security and we have instinctively strive to nurture and grow.

The true answer is we are all a unique piece of the one great mass that is humanity as one.

sparky said...

you may have pulled the misunderstanding switch, and your follow-up statements are quite contradictory and misinformed