Saturday, May 24, 2008

A sacrilege of epic proportion

I'm warning you: this isn't going to be pretty.

Robert Scoble hauls himself into Ansel Adams developing sink. He posted this himself, with impunity I might add. Word has it that he explained that this was the only way to achieve the shot. [If you or I were there, it would have been a shot to the solar plexus.]

Here's more from Scoble himself.

As I said to a pal of mine, the end does not justify the means.


Robert Scoble said...

I did not post these. They were posted by an Adobe employee. Also, I asked permission of Ansel's son, and was given it (he had wine stored in the darkroom). No damage was done.

Brickgrrl said...

I can appreciate your input, but the posting is a matter of semantics. Anyone can see the spot was on Johnson's page and Robert Scoble [you?] not only commented there but linked from Scobleizer.

Also, Michael Adams' permission is not a mitigating factor. Mr. Adams' estate care-taking and powers of decision aren't the point here. [Incidentally, wasn't there was some scuttle on an Enron indictment?] I would have been hard-pressed to climb into that sink if Ansel himself told me I could.