Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wow- good thing they warned me

I received this email today from the Greater Lehigh Valley Ad Club.

You are receiving this message because you are the reservation contact for the Greater Lehigh Valley Ad Club’s ADDY® Awards event to be held on Friday, Feb. 29 at Brookside Country Club.

Brookside has recently made us aware of their "No Denim Policy". Please advise all of your guests who will be attending the ADDY Awards that Brookside will not allow any guests wearing denim (any style) to be admitted to the club.

Looking forward to seeing you at our seventh annual ADDY Awards celebration on Friday.

Best Regards,
The GLV Ad Club Executive Committee

So much for my plans to wear my Daisy Dukes.

With apologies to Ukes. That was originally his joke.


The musishian said...

Well, then, there's only one prudent course of action: vinyl.

Brickgrrl said...

Now, you have to know I have some Trinity sort of gear. Boots, too. Hmmm. I'm thinking...