Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Stop making scents

I want to meet the focus group that thought vanilla chai scented deodorant would be a good idea. No- wait- on second thought, I don't. Along with Asian pear and some tropical fruit concoction, the brand I buy now has this whole food-related extension. That's in addition to a whole existing array of cloying "fresh" scents that will do battle with whatever perfume you're wearing. Powder fresh, rain forest, old lady potpourri. Just try and find unscented. Unscented! A product so exotic it takes a 1/4 tank of gas to find it. It's easier to score heroin around here.


CommonWombat said...

You're officially invited to join me in my one-man war against food-scented cosmetics. I've never understood the appeal of smelling delicious. On the whole, I make it my life's goal to discourage people from taking a bite out of me. In fact, I'd like a cologne that makes me smell like a sack of pennies. Or balled-up tin foil.

It's just occurred to me that if you join me, I'll no longer have a one-man war. Invitation rescinded.

Brickgrrl said...

Well, technically speaking, I'm not a man.

Sally said...

Um, ComWom, I think you already smell like a sack of pennies.

I agree, I hate this trend of body products that smell like strawberry shortcake or the aroma of a pink, giggling CareBear.

But, I have to admit, Miss D, that that bar of grapefruit soap you gave me when I stayed at your joint several years ago was really divine.

Anonymous said...

Is that for real, MI? Vanilla Chai deodorant? Perhaps it comes with a companion feminine deodorant spray in "whipped cream".

Brickgrrl said...

My dear anonymous- Yes- the vanilla chai is for real! It's from Secret. I think the line is called Expressions or some such piffle. I had a good laugh about the whipped cream reference, you saucy thing, you.

And Sally my lass- you remember the grapefruit! What a doll you are. I feel that soaps are different. As is hand cream. I still love the grapefruit scent, which is very refreshing and not confusing at all. My new favorite is olive and despite how contradictory this sounds [hey- I'm a complex woman, as I suspect you are as well] one of my all-time favorite hand cream scents was garden tomato. As if I had just come in from tending the non-existent garden! But deodorant should NOT at any cost make one think of food. End of story.