Monday, January 21, 2008

Technosailor on Air

Aaron Brazell, Technosailor, posted this today: How the Macbook Air is the future of computing. He makes the point that "the Macbook Air defined a new standard in computers." The need for optical media is going to be an outdated concept and the Air, he posits, is a forward-thinking device in that direction. Although the lack of an optical drive would prevent many from purchasing an Air, Aaron describes how little we actually use optical drives and how we increasingly replace current use with digital solutions.

He gives a number of reasons why the elimination of the optical disc is to the benefit of companies including Apple, Microsoft, Dell, Cisco, and even Google. In addition, I saw a post he made on Twitter where he included another benefit, a green one—that this would be a positive environmental move. He said, "Macbook Air changes the future. Everyone benefits."

I'm reminded of how forward-thinking Steve Jobs had been about the palm pilot. I think it was five years ago he commented that he wasn't interested in developing a PDA because the phone was where it's at.

Aaron has a bold and very rational idea and the essay is worth the read. You know, he could be right.