Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Pining in the window

Thanks to George and his gal, I have had the pleasure of enjoying a tree over the holidays. Disinterested in really decorating it, I merely draped [ok- literally threw] some blue lights on it.

Problem is, I hate to take it down. No, I'm not lighting it any more. The tree, only four feet at best, is doing a great job of acting as a nice shield in the studio window. It allows access to light but not onlookers. Further I stopped watering it and I'm kind of afraid that if I move it, its petrified needles will shed all at once.

George suggested a screen might be more seasonal at this point. I laugh that he doesn't know that once I had a wreath hanging indoors at an old apartment for two entire years. Right, Li?

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Your Best Friend! said...

I now have a partially chewed cheez-it lodged in my pharygeal orifice. (Yeah, I looked it up. Sue me.) I'm sure the wreath morphed from left over Christmas finery into some fab post-modern expression. Isn't that just like you!