Friday, January 11, 2008

Gizmodo and the law of diminishing returns

Gizmodo left their mark at CES, something that is likely have repercussions beyond their own immediate sphere.

CNET reports the story and the headline reads Bloggers behaving badly: Gizmodo messes with CES flat screens. The story describes how the Gizmodo attendees interfered with monitors on display in the booths at CES by firing TV-B-Gone remotes. A rather dramatic moment at a serious event. When Gizmodo publisher Nick Denton was asked if he would terminate their employment, he responded via instant message with a succinct "No".

Peter at Point Oh! delivers a very fair and balanced assessment of the damage that could result—from bloggers being devalued and dismissed as juveniles unworthy of press credentials or denied access to large industry events to Gizmodo's behavior eclipsing their own successful reputation. [By the way, I found out about Point-Oh! today and I think Peter is worth an RSS click. You should subscribe. He's a very smart guy with a pretty refreshing attitude.]

There's a spot from 1938 Media clearly calling Gizmodo on their bad behavior. As usual, the inimitable Loren Feldman pulls no punches. [I know, I know- you're saying- What?! Another link to 1938 Media? Yes. Yes, it is. Is there a problem here?]

Gizmodo cops to their temptation with a video of the incident. Here's their own footage.

Yeah- you'll chuckle. I did. But at what expense? Larger than we might know right now.

—Thanks go out to Kerry who is unlinkable and likes it that way right now.

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