Sunday, December 9, 2007

Hard liquor at 3 am

and this is what happens.

I dreamed relentlessly last night:

- a horribly bizarre murder- a man crushed in the cab of a front-end loader that was as chillingly clear as if I were awake;
- work with a sound company, loading equipment, trying to make a deadline, using a tractor trailer for the job;
- an uphill run in a landscape that looked like it was shot by a Holga camera- I was dressed circa early Sophia Loren;
- slick roads and high vaulted curves- I drove very fast;
- waiting for something in an office setting- I burned paper to pass the time and felt no remorse;
- laughed with old friends who appeared through the night;
- smoked two cigarettes- this was delicious since I stopped ten years ago- as real as the waking world...

The entire night of disparate scenes seamlessly changing, there was a leitmotif of something ineffable- a darkness, large and present and compelling, but just out of reach.

I woke with a taste of pepper and a sense of longing for something absent but maybe not lost.

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The musishian said...

Wow. Those kids of dreams are hard to shake off. Sometimes you want to keep the memories, but sometimes you don't...