Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Hal- is that you?

Today I left a comment on a site that has a spam block. I pressed "submit comment" and was shown a phrase to type to ensure a human was writing:

the abandoning

Thanks, Captcha. Thanks a lot.

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The musishian said...

Oh, my.

I'm starting to think of those Captcha phrases like Horoscopes, Fortune Cookies, or the I Ching--not relevant for telling the future, but relevant to enlighten us on our own states of mind depending on how we interperet the phrase.

Proof of concept: Whilst posting on a podcast, my Captcha phrases were primarily nonsense words and word fragments.

Should be a word. Has all the linguistic trademarks of a word. But it's not a word.

Dovetails perfectly with my brain fog from this morning.