Monday, October 29, 2007

The lemon drop martini
couldn’t mask my surprise.

At the bar &mdash

A Regular: I saw him. He was walking and holding hands with another woman.

Me: Yes. So?

A Regular: So, I guess you could tell by the sex, right?

Me: Excuse me?

A Regular: You know. The sex. It must not have been very good. It's a sure sign that things aren't going well. You probably knew by that.

Me: We were spectacular. It was the best sex ever.

A Regular: Huh?!

Me: [staring straight ahead] Yep. Spec-TAC-u-lar.

A Regular: [drunken crickets]

Having seen the charming Mrs. Regular, my internal soundtrack switched to Frank's Wild Years: "His wife was a spent piece of used jet trash..." I can see why that would inform his point of view.

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The musishian said...

I love your writing style; very sparse, haiku-like. A snapshot of a moment in time.

Very different from my blogs, which tend to be exposition-heavy and didactic.