Friday, July 13, 2007

A hero would come in handy now.

And by that I mean: a sandwich. A sub. A grinder.

No matter where you're from , you know the kind: an old-fashioned, everything-on-it, Italian meats and cheeses, doused with oil and onions on a crusty baguette kind of sandwich. With a side of pickles. And kettle potato chips.


1. Chocolate is not my poison in times of duress.

2. This is a time of duress.

My number one client announced yesterday that it will cease operation next month. Now please hand me the oregano.


Leann said...


*grabs fresh bread, olive oil and rosemary*

Damn baby.

Tavy said...

It's so sad to see this happen, knowing what once was. I'm especially sorry to see its affect on you and other friends. But companies would be foolish not to snatch up your services. I hope they do, and quickly!

tavy said...

oops! effect. i knew i was going to do that. :)