Thursday, May 3, 2007


My friend Kerry has a definite idea of what I should report about my life. That would be my food ingredient combinations. She's never quite gotten over the fact that for a brief while I was kind of hooked on Cream of Wheat. Yes, I confess. I like to think my palate is slightly evolved, at the very least because I've gotten it through the door of some fabulous restaurants in at least three countries. [I know that's not a lot... but it has to give some balance to the whole Cream of Wheat jag.]

ANYway, the word scramble came up in a letter exchange today and this was the result, penned by Kerry:

Donna's definition of Scramble:
       · Eggs (of course, come on... she's not totally nuts!)
       · Pine Nuts
       · Sardines
       · Water Table Crackers
       · Artichokes
       · Fava beans
       · Salt and Pepper to taste.

Scramble and serve, yum!

* * * * * *
You know... I think she’s on to something.


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm - I think I'll stick to Cream of Wheat! It was my favourite as a kid. Now, I'll have to look for some- maybe they have sardine flavour now??


gwen said...

See, that sounds completely reasonable to me. Heavy on the crackers for crunchiness, lots of pepper to balance the salt of the sardines.

Hmm, the artichokes may present a logistical problem.