Sunday, April 15, 2007

Dog Years

Mark Doty is a contemporary American poet and memoirist, winner of coveted book awards and fellowships. However accomplished and lauded he is in his field to date, he will be the guy who wrote Dog Years exactly for me.

No, I haven't read it yet, but I can tell you that when I picked up the book in the store, I could not put it down. But then I had to put it down since my eyes were tearing up so much I was salting the coffee I held in my other hand.

Doty is deeply articulate and human and unpretentious and honest. I almost hate to start reading because I already know I won't want the book to end.

Incidentally, I first saw the book at one of those enormous chain stores, but I bought it at the Moravian Bookshop, the oldest continuously running bookstore in the world, as a matter of fact. Please support your local bookstores, that is, if you have any left in your town.


Paul Chislett said...

Another bookstore link for me! I will have to live vicariously in independent bookstores like this one - there are only a couple of used shops and a big ass Chapters- our version of Barnes and Nobles.Someday, I will tour the world just to go through as many independent bookshops as I can - maybe I'll start with this one!

Brickgrrl said...
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Brickgrrl said...

Oh- I am such a bookstore junkie!

If you visit the Moravian I'll buy you an excellent stuffed baked potato and broccoli salad at their adjacent Cookshop. And maybe some very decadent Moravian sugar cake, too.

I've had this bad habit of eating while reading since I discovered "Harriet the Spy" was even better with my mom's chocolate cake. Epiphany!