Monday, January 1, 2007

Extra thin or extra crispy

If you're like me, all that resolution bull patoot will have to wait one more day. I say the second of January should be the first with one day, today, as an un-named, un-numbered amnesty day. Too many holidays already, some of you might say. Haven't you had enough time off? But many of us have struggled through a week of on-again, off-again merrymaking, especially we independents. Should we relax? Should we work? Let's try to work. Wait- I need a cookie. And a magazine. And a nap. But I have to work. Oh- the lowgrade, sugar-coated anxiety.

I should've just taken off this week, but the guilt of having been to London recently forced me to make lists all week, things I have not accomplished. It was a pathetic attempt at work.

And for that I am rewarding myself with an extra crispy pizza and a movie. Tomorrow I go to work on design projects and that whole extra thin resolution thing.

Happy new year.


MetalArt said...

Donna, I am so proud of you. I find blogs to be cathartic. Great start!!


Stan said...

Many happy returns, brickgrrl. The digital fabric awaits your ripping. :)

brickgrrl said...

Thanks so much, Glen and Stan... you both know what a great fan I am of both of you. Your support means a great deal.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Hope to read more from you. Bethlehem needs more blogs, and I;m guessing Bethlehem by your description of 12/31.

brickgrrl said...

Yes indeed, I'm transmitting from the historic district of The Christmas City!

James said...

I like that un-named & un-numbered amnesty day program idea, Brickgrrl. I'm in my fourth amnesty day in a row of the new year already.

My wife gives me lists each day, maybe even lists like you make. And each day I attempt to execute the tasks on those lists. Talk about pathetic attempts at work, though.

I'm gonna get outside now for some warm January sun. I'll take this winter all winterlong!

Happy to have found your blog. Again...happy new year.

brickgrrl said...

Thanks, James, and happy new year to you and your wife who is patiently waiting to check things off her list.