Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Buddha Machine

Thanks to Sara, I'm so much more peaceful these days. Or, I will be as soon as I figure out which setting is best for my personal contemplation. I am determined to see which is the most soothing. My Buddha Machine is blue. Apparently there is a small spectrum of colors and your particular color is whatever they decide it is. Well... of course.

From fm3:
“An extraordinary piece of sound art” (The Wire)
“Beautifully useless”
(New York Times)
“Addictive, spellbinding, hypnotic”
(Santa Fe Reporter)
“Insanely brilliant”
(Alan Bishop, Sun City Girls)
(Pop Matters)
“Reminds us how to listen”
“I can’t stop playing with it”
“And it kinda sounds like shit. But a good shit!”
(Tiny Mix Tapes)

See the schematic's closeup?
It really is run by a little Buddha!

1 comment:

Stan said...

'Man achieves dignity not by subjugating his mechanical inventions, but by recognizing in machines and robots the same buddha-nature that pervades his own inner self'
- Masahiro Mori in "The Buddha in the Robot".

Woman too, I'll wager. :)